Why Should I Follow You?

“The led must not be compelled; they must be able to choose their own leader.” – Albert Einstein What if you aren’t really leading anyone? Before you get too defensive, I also asked myself this question. When I did, it occurred to me that I might be a just little bit delusional. I thought of Continue reading Why Should I Follow You?

A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

Ever notice the word truth is often introduced by a negative versus positive modifier? The inconvenient truth. The shocking truth. The ugly truth. Why is it that so often the truth surprises us? And not in a good way. Truth is an elusive journey and an unavoidable destination. Eventually, we all arrive at the same place. Continue reading A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

8 Temptations of Leadership

The temptation to fix. It’s hard to resist the urge to intervene. Even when we know the team needs to figure it out, there’s a part of us that wants to ride in on the white horse. Especially when we think we know what’s needed. Choose to let them grow. The temptation to mislead. Just Continue reading 8 Temptations of Leadership

Leadership is a Promise Kept

Every leader has promises to keep. Promises that are in effect the moment you step into the leadership role. The exact nature of these promises may vary somewhat based on the individual, context or culture but the important thing to remember is that these unspoken promises are very real and always active. They do not Continue reading Leadership is a Promise Kept

Hide and Seek

“Being solid and predictable makes it safe for people to work together, to take risks, and to expose themselves even when the rest of their lives are filled with complexity and chaos”.  ~ Robert Rosen Like most kids, I learned to play Hide & Seek. It was always less stressful to be the person hiding than Continue reading Hide and Seek