Your Org Chart is Not Your Organization

But you know that. At least I think you know that. Yet the org chart just won’t die. It’s still the most popular, simplistic, and common way of depicting our organizations. It provides a snapshot of people in little squares that represent function and span of control or at least that’s the intention. Org charts are motionless, time-bound and Continue reading Your Org Chart is Not Your Organization

The Energy of Encouragement

Leaders don’t just ask people to do things. Or tell them to do things. They help people believe they can do bigger things. And better things. en·cour·age to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something): to stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support Encouragement is a form of energy. It opens the Continue reading The Energy of Encouragement

Scapegoating and Shamecasting

Within about 5 minutes of any major, negative event, the culprits are identified, hauled out into the public square of the internet and punished accordingly. We grab the first bit of information that confirms our suspicions. Before any real critical thinking has taken place the verdict is passed. Fear and worry have reached new levels. The Continue reading Scapegoating and Shamecasting

“We are the Story” – The Beauty of Leading in Community

“Community happens when people give their best to achieve a common purpose because they appreciate, enjoy and care deeply about the people with whom they are serving.” Consider some of your most powerful, emotional and memorable work and life experiences. For many of us our “best moments” involved accomplishing something challenging while working alongside people Continue reading “We are the Story” – The Beauty of Leading in Community