Working in the Midst of All This

It’s a challenge to find some kind of equilibrium in a world that feels ever more unstable and out of control. Sometimes it feels like we’re living on a razor’s edge. We are, of course, only experiencing the latest in a long line of difficult periods in human history. Yet somehow this feels bigger. Perhaps Continue reading Working in the Midst of All This

Speaking of Leadership – Words that Connect

“Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds.” ~ Elie Wiesel One particularly difficult afternoon, a young woman on my team stopped by the office and asked if she could talk. As she sat down across from my desk I immediately sensed that she was hurting. Her eyes were red and Continue reading Speaking of Leadership – Words that Connect

Making space for pain…

  There’s this thing that happens at work that I find to be unnatural and unhealthy. We experience it as the pressure to be OK all the time. That no matter what’s going on, when we come to work, we should have our happy face on. We should leave the rest of our life and Continue reading Making space for pain…