Monday Meditations 3 – The Rush to Judgment

“There is generally much to learn before any judgment can be pronounced with certainty on another’s doings.” – Marcus Aurelius How many times have you wrongly assumed the motive behind someone’s words or actions? If you are like me, probably more times than you care to count. Navigating the politics and complex hierarchy of an Continue reading Monday Meditations 3 – The Rush to Judgment

A Moving Story

No, not a story that moves you. I mean literally, moving. Like packing all your stuff and moving to a new house. Then unpacking all your stuff. And wondering why you have so much stuff. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last week and why I didn’t get anything written lately. When I told Continue reading A Moving Story

The Little Big Things in Leadership

This beautiful comment from Julia Katsivo in response to my post titled “Do You Know Why You Lead?”, inspired this topic.  “For me the answer would be that it’s my nature. As I walk, I nudge, pick-up, lift up, lift off, slap backs and give hugs to those who need a little hope to find the Continue reading The Little Big Things in Leadership

Pyramids, Circles and Organizational Geometry

Welcome to Organizational Geometry. I was reading a book recently that had nothing to do with business or leadership. In fact, it was related to the Christmas story. The author talked about a shift. A new relationship built on circles instead of pyramids. And that got me thinking about these shapes and how they differ. How Continue reading Pyramids, Circles and Organizational Geometry

Shedding our Sumo Suits

We’re always bumping into each other. Not literally, of course, that would hurt. We’d have to wear those big sumo suits you see during the funny, between-inning antics at a minor league baseball game. But come to think of it, maybe it really is kind of like that, only the suits are invisible and all Continue reading Shedding our Sumo Suits