Personal Growth

8 Ways Your Pain Can Propel Your Leadership

“Lincoln’s story confounds those who see depression as a collection of symptoms to be eliminated. But it resonates with those who see suffering as a potential catalyst of emotional growth. “What man actually needs,” the psychiatrist Victor Frankl argued,”is not a tension-less state but rather the striving and struggling of a worthwhile goal.” Many believe Continue reading 8 Ways Your Pain Can Propel Your Leadership

6 Simple Questions to Guide Your Goals for 2018

Where are you going? If you have no destination, anywhere will do. That may be why you are in a place you do not wish to stay. Begin with the end in mind. Write out your personal mission statement and the outcomes that are important to your life. Declare your future in a manifesto that Continue reading 6 Simple Questions to Guide Your Goals for 2018

Challenging Our Leadership Habits

We’re always looking for a better mousetrap. I share our natural inclination to seek plug-and-play solutions to the challenges and choices we face as leaders. Books, blogs, coaches, and seminars abound with step-by-step recipes for our most complicated problems. The sheer volume of these solutions is pretty compelling evidence that we like to streamline our Continue reading Challenging Our Leadership Habits

Work Should Expand Your Life

“What if we saw work as an essential context for personal growth? And what if employees’ continuous development were assumed to be the critical ingredient for a company’s success?” Does Your Company Make You a Better Person? – Harvard Business Review – by Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, and Andy Fleming The article linked above focuses Continue reading Work Should Expand Your Life