The Post-It Note that Made Me a Better Leader

Lots of people put Post-It notes on their monitor to remind them of important stuff.  Mostly passwords they can’t remember. I only have one. It has two words written on it in black ink. “WAKE  UP”. Your first thought might be that I have a problem with nodding off during mind-numbing conference calls, (I sometimes Continue reading The Post-It Note that Made Me a Better Leader

The Cursor

“Forever is composed of nows.” ― Emily Dickinson Staring at the cursor on this blank page. I’m sure I look at it a hundred times a day. But today it looks somehow different. Is it asking me a question?   It reminds me of a heartbeat, Or a ticking clock. A pulsing instigator, Urging me Continue reading The Cursor

Time Travel and the Value of Practicing Presence

We are masters of time travel Racing back to the future Thoughts Distractions Worries Always on our way somewhere else To something else Everywhere but here and now The prevailing story is that we have more distractions, more information and more decisions pressing on our lives than ever before. Our attention span is shrinking; as Continue reading Time Travel and the Value of Practicing Presence

Leaders and the Art of Undoing

“Leaders do.”    “Do what?” “You know, they do stuff.” “They get stuff done.”    “Oh.” “See there goes one now, off to a meeting or something.”    “Do they ever stop?” “I don’t know, it’s kinda frowned upon.”    “Well, how do they know if they’re doing the right stuff?” “I suppose they get Continue reading Leaders and the Art of Undoing

Learning to Wait

A short poem from my journal this morning. I’ve trained my mind to be anxious always in need of something always doing always planning never quite ready as though I can be ready now I learn to wait to keep this moment nameless and watch with simple curiosity the wildflower emerging from the untilled soil It Continue reading Learning to Wait