The Cursor

“Forever is composed of nows.” ― Emily Dickinson Staring at the cursor on this blank page. I’m sure I look at it a hundred times a day. But today it looks somehow different. Is it asking me a question?   It reminds me of a heartbeat, Or a ticking clock. A pulsing instigator, Urging me Continue reading The Cursor

Monday Meditations 2 – The Meaning in Your Moments

Whatever may happen to you was prepared for you in advance from the beginning of time. In the woven tapestry of causation, the thread of your being had been intertwined from all time with that particular incident. – Marcus Aurelius What meaning will you give to your moments in the week ahead? You are wired Continue reading Monday Meditations 2 – The Meaning in Your Moments

Creatures of a Day

All of us are creatures of a day; the rememberer and the remembered alike. – Marcus Aurelius Work long enough and the moment comes when you must reckon with the reality that all the time and energy you are investing or have invested is for something that will fade away. Everything you’ve created will eventually be destroyed. Continue reading Creatures of a Day

collections – minding what we gather as we go

with each step each word each choice each action we build our collections   the accumulation of moments days years people places experiences stored in our hearts captured in our minds collections that we sought others unintended   we open dusty boxes hoping that among the old photos ribbons and scattered documents we’ll find a Continue reading collections – minding what we gather as we go

Revisiting: A Glimpse Into a Life

“I had a glimpse into the life…the person I wanted to be and I was afraid I could never be that.” – Umberto Crenca, Founder AS220 This quote expressed in a powerful story I heard during BIF10, struck me deeply. In a moment of clarity and vision, Umberto saw what he was meant to do and Continue reading Revisiting: A Glimpse Into a Life