The 5-Step Leadership Safety Course

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. Before I purchased my first bike, I participated in a motorcycle safety course. Something I would recommend everyone to do before hitting the streets. During the two-day course, we rode small bikes through various obstacle courses and drills that we were required to pass successfully before progressing. Continue reading The 5-Step Leadership Safety Course

Management Malpractice

Let’s imagine the following scene… You are sitting in the exam room with your feet dangling off the end of the sanitary-paper-covered couch admiring the jar of tongue depressors when in walks the doctor… “How are you today Scott?” “Doing well Doc, just a little pain in my stomach, I’m thinking it might be indigestion Continue reading Management Malpractice

Between Certainty and Uncertainty

Stay on the platform or step out on the tightrope? Staying on the platform is to believe we can wrestle the uncertainty out of our organization by adding pages to the policy manual, mastering big data and refining processes down to the smallest tasks. People must be told what to do and how to do Continue reading Between Certainty and Uncertainty