Recovering Your Leadership Joy

What was it like for you? That first official leadership role. The excitement. The uncertainty. When you first met your team. The anticipation. The anxiety. I remember. Just a year or so before I was working as a middle school science teacher trying to navigate earthworm dissections with a group of 12-year-olds. If no one Continue reading Recovering Your Leadership Joy

The Leader’s Imprint

Every interaction with a leader leaves an imprint. Think about how we respond to a leader who is calm and confident in the midst of a crisis. Even when the situation calls for panic or fills us with uncertainty, a calm, confident and caring presence can bring the situation back into focus. We’re able to Continue reading The Leader’s Imprint

Why Do You Lead? 4 Reasons You Should Explore this Question

When was the last time you asked yourself the question, “Why do I lead?” Notice the question is not how you lead or what you lead but WHY you lead. What is the ultimate outcome or purpose that drives you to carry on despite the many challenges that accompany leadership? If you don’t know the answer to Continue reading Why Do You Lead? 4 Reasons You Should Explore this Question

Befriending our Flaws

All humans are flawed. Leaders are human. We all carry wounds. Worries. Weaknesses. The real question is, Where will those flaws take us? What will they teach us? How will they shape our thoughts? Beliefs. Actions. Do we see them as friends? Or enemies? Will we go to war with ourselves? Or make peace possible? Continue reading Befriending our Flaws

10 Attributes of Leaders Who Embrace Openness

When we are afraid, uncertain or stressed the natural tendency is to contract. To avoid. To deflect. To compromise. We might posture and position ourselves to be seen as competent or even infallible rather than face the truth or address the problem. We can seek our own version of reality. One that will keep our Continue reading 10 Attributes of Leaders Who Embrace Openness