A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

Ever notice the word truth is often introduced by a negative versus positive modifier? The inconvenient truth. The shocking truth. The ugly truth. Why is it that so often the truth surprises us? And not in a good way. Truth is an elusive journey and an unavoidable destination. Eventually, we all arrive at the same place. Continue reading A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

8 Temptations of Leadership

The temptation to fix. It’s hard to resist the urge to intervene. Even when we know the team needs to figure it out, there’s a part of us that wants to ride in on the white horse. Especially when we think we know what’s needed. Choose to let them grow. The temptation to mislead. Just Continue reading 8 Temptations of Leadership

A Bridge to Better Choices

We want to make better choices, Choices we don’t regret, Choices that serve our goals, Choices that earn our self-respect.   Choices don’t wait ‘til we’re ready, They arrive just in time, Doors that open from the inside, Revealing our thoughts and intentions.   Every choice will bend us, Like wind upon the trees, Shaping Continue reading A Bridge to Better Choices