A Bridge to Better Choices

We want to make better choices, Choices we don’t regret, Choices that serve our goals, Choices that earn our self-respect.   Choices don’t wait ‘til we’re ready, They arrive just in time, Doors that open from the inside, Revealing our thoughts and intentions.   Every choice will bend us, Like wind upon the trees, Shaping Continue reading A Bridge to Better Choices

The Leader’s Imprint

Every interaction with a leader leaves an imprint. Think about how we respond to a leader who is calm and confident in the midst of a crisis. Even when the situation calls for panic or fills us with uncertainty, a calm, confident and caring presence can bring the situation back into focus. We’re able to Continue reading The Leader’s Imprint

Why Do You Lead? 4 Reasons You Should Explore this Question

When was the last time you asked yourself the question, “Why do I lead?” Notice the question is not how you lead or what you lead but WHY you lead. What is the ultimate outcome or purpose that drives you to carry on despite the many challenges that accompany leadership? If you don’t know the answer to Continue reading Why Do You Lead? 4 Reasons You Should Explore this Question

The Little Big Things in Leadership

This beautiful comment from Julia Katsivo in response to my post titled “Do You Know Why You Lead?”, inspired this topic.  “For me the answer would be that it’s my nature. As I walk, I nudge, pick-up, lift up, lift off, slap backs and give hugs to those who need a little hope to find the Continue reading The Little Big Things in Leadership

Leadership ROI

In business, ROI answers the question, “How well has our investment in resources and capital performed over time?” There are many ways to measure the value of an investment depending on the outcome we are seeking. As leaders,  we can apply this idea to influence. Have you stopped to consider the return on your influence? Continue reading Leadership ROI