Why Should I Follow You?

“The led must not be compelled; they must be able to choose their own leader.” – Albert Einstein What if you aren’t really leading anyone? Before you get too defensive, I also asked myself this question. When I did, it occurred to me that I might be a just little bit delusional. I thought of Continue reading Why Should I Follow You?

5 Reasons Leaders Should Move Out of the Way

Sometimes leaders get in the way, and when they do, damaging things can happen. They bottleneck decisions – people get frustrated They block communication – people turn cynical They put process before progress – people quit stretching They issue orders  – people start resisting They punish mistakes – people avoid creativity They approve everything – Continue reading 5 Reasons Leaders Should Move Out of the Way

Leadership ROI

In business, ROI answers the question, “How well has our investment in resources and capital performed over time?” There are many ways to measure the value of an investment depending on the outcome we are seeking. As leaders,  we can apply this idea to influence. Have you stopped to consider the return on your influence? Continue reading Leadership ROI

Permission on Purpose – 10 Ways Leaders Can Say “Yes”

Sometimes I have to work hard at giving myself permission. I know this might sound kind of silly, but I’ve found a bunch of rules that got programmed into my brain somewhere along the way and anytime I bump up against them these voices in my head start telling me I’m asking for trouble. While Continue reading Permission on Purpose – 10 Ways Leaders Can Say “Yes”