Maintaining Your Stress-Free Zone

A friend recently shared this video and my immediate reaction was… Whoa, I’m that guy. Watch the video first, (it’s short), and then I’ll come back to my story. Nope, not the guy meditating on the video title screen. I’m the one who has a problem with anticipating stress. (You did watch the video, yes?) Continue reading Maintaining Your Stress-Free Zone

Why Do We Shame People for Complaining?

I’m guessing humans started complaining about work approximately 15 minutes after we invented language. It’s one of our favorite pastimes. Gathering around the watering hole after an unsuccessful hunting expedition, Gorb complains to Grob, “Can you believe we spent all day chasing that Wooly Mammoth for nothing? I told the Chief Hunting Officer we didn’t have Continue reading Why Do We Shame People for Complaining?

A Balanced Scorecard for Leaders

“Results aren’t everything they’re the only thing.” – Some CEO The prevailing logic is that leaders are responsible for results. Therefore we should evaluate leaders as follows: Good results = good leader Average results = average leader Bad results = bad leader Simple and straightforward. But not very accurate. Good leaders will sometimes fail. Bad Continue reading A Balanced Scorecard for Leaders

The Leader’s Imprint

Every interaction with a leader leaves an imprint. Think about how we respond to a leader who is calm and confident in the midst of a crisis. Even when the situation calls for panic or fills us with uncertainty, a calm, confident and caring presence can bring the situation back into focus. We’re able to Continue reading The Leader’s Imprint

The Avoidance Culture

“I’m just trying to stay off the radar.” “I’m keeping my head down.” “I’m not saying anything.” We generally hear this in an organization where people are just trying to survive. They have come to believe that raising your hand means getting dumped on or having it cut off. The focus is on avoiding risk, Continue reading The Avoidance Culture