No Time to Rush

You chase what’s next. And miss what’s here.   You forget that these are real human beings. That life is happening. Personal stories are unfolding. Your story too. Right now.   Do you see?   Check this. When you look back on yesterday, what do you remember? Did anything move your heart? Did anything change? Were Continue reading No Time to Rush

Six Attributes of Proactive Leaders

“We are not our feelings. We are not our moods. We are not our thoughts.” ~ Stephen Covey The world is changing rapidly and leaders face relentless pressure to adapt and meet these new demands. We are expected to step into the fray and guide the organization through a complex maze of choices and risk. Continue reading Six Attributes of Proactive Leaders

“We are the Story” – The Beauty of Leading in Community

“Community happens when people give their best to achieve a common purpose because they appreciate, enjoy and care deeply about the people with whom they are serving.” Consider some of your most powerful, emotional and memorable work and life experiences. For many of us our “best moments” involved accomplishing something challenging while working alongside people Continue reading “We are the Story” – The Beauty of Leading in Community

Leading in Community

Community happens when people serve and care for one another in the pursuit of a common purpose. Genuine means to be free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy; sincere: a genuine person. Communites are built on genuine connections. Genuine connections are real. They are honest. They embrace. They are hard. They hurt. They fear. They love. Continue reading Leading in Community

Let them see what you believe…

One of our opportunities as leaders is to bring our values and beliefs into the open for others to see. Our actions may be confusing or even appear contradictory if we leave it to people to guess where we are coming from. When we provide a framework that allows others to understand our motives and Continue reading Let them see what you believe…