The Energy of Encouragement

Leaders don’t just ask people to do things. Or tell them to do things. They help people believe they can do bigger things. And better things. en·cour·age to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something): to stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support Encouragement is a form of energy. It opens the Continue reading The Energy of Encouragement

Lead With Me

What I want for you. I want you to be happy. To learn. To grow. To be your best. I’m for you. I want to help overcome your struggles. Heal your hurts. I want you to feel cared for. Connected. That you belong here. That we need you. That this is worth doing. I want Continue reading Lead With Me

The Language of Teams

Working with each other. Working for each other. Two statements that evoke a very different perspective. A very different emotion. Working with each other is the language of proximity. We sit in the same office, work on the same project or are part of the same process. To the degree we need things from each Continue reading The Language of Teams

The Leicester Story – A Lesson for Leaders in the Age of the A Player

For those that don’t follow the sport known everywhere else as football, (soccer), an event took place in the last week that defied all logic. Leicester Football Club, (pronounced Lester), won the Premier League Championship in England. This after narrowly escaping relegation to a lower league in the prior season and starting this campaign at Continue reading The Leicester Story – A Lesson for Leaders in the Age of the A Player

The Little Big Things in Leadership

This beautiful comment from Julia Katsivo in response to my post titled “Do You Know Why You Lead?”, inspired this topic.  “For me the answer would be that it’s my nature. As I walk, I nudge, pick-up, lift up, lift off, slap backs and give hugs to those who need a little hope to find the Continue reading The Little Big Things in Leadership