Leading in Community

Community happens when people serve and care for one another in the pursuit of a common purpose. Genuine means to be free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy; sincere: a genuine person. Communites are built on genuine connections. Genuine connections are real. They are honest. They embrace. They are hard. They hurt. They fear. They love. Continue reading Leading in Community

Letting-Go Leadership

“An attachment isn’t a fact. It is a belief…” ~ Anthony De Mello Let go. This line of thinking is counter-intuitive. Our instinct is to hold on, to protect, to become attached, to expect. The more we attach ourselves to expectations, people or things the more anxiety we create and the less effective we become. Continue reading Letting-Go Leadership

Designing Your Day – 30X3

Leadership is a contact sport. Every day will bring its share of team conflicts, urgent challenges, unexpected changes and difficult decisions. With all the demands placed on organizations and leaders we can easily find ourselves “LOST”. L – low on energy O – overly stressed S – short on patience T – temperamental with others Continue reading Designing Your Day – 30X3

Let them see what you believe…

One of our opportunities as leaders is to bring our values and beliefs into the open for others to see. Our actions may be confusing or even appear contradictory if we leave it to people to guess where we are coming from. When we provide a framework that allows others to understand our motives and Continue reading Let them see what you believe…

Unreasonable Friends

  The reality is that no matter how self-aware we intend to be, we can never truly see ourselves or fully comprehend the source of our behaviors and the consequences of our actions. We have been shaped by society, our ideologies, our relationships, and our childhood so that we inevitably develop blind spots. These blind spots Continue reading Unreasonable Friends