Beyond Frustrated

Leadership is often born out of frustration. The result of a deep dissatisfaction with how things are and a burning desire to instigate change.  So that’s a good thing, right? Yet the very act of stepping up to deal with the source of your frustration brings you into contact with new obstacles. While some forms Continue reading Beyond Frustrated

The One Skill That Will Cure All Your Communication Problems

The key to solving all your communication challenges is to hire for psychic ability. I know, you’re probably asking yourself why you never thought of this before. To help you get started, here’s a quick test from the Universal Psychic Guild that you can include in your talent acquisition process. (I was below 20% so I Continue reading The One Skill That Will Cure All Your Communication Problems

For One of Those Days

Some days leadership is drudgery. Hard, monotonous work. Some days people bring bundles of problems like gifts, lay them at our feet, and walk away. Some days the decisions go awry and we are left exposed to criticism. All while we are stretched to our limit.   On those days we can feel discouraged. We Continue reading For One of Those Days

Making a Friend of My Fears

Better if you get to know them. Because they aren’t going anywhere. They live with you. If you treat them badly, Or try to ignore them, They’ll just act out. And shout. Til you hear them out. I was thinking about fear a lot last weekend. Take your hands off the wheel and fear takes Continue reading Making a Friend of My Fears

The Words You Leave Behind

Does it resemble the person you wish to be? After you leave. They linger. What impression in the minds of others? Where they swirl about turning into stories. Informing decisions.   If we could follow your words, Where would they lead us? If words are energy, Do yours empower? Or consume. If words are influence, Continue reading The Words You Leave Behind