Working in the Midst of All This

It’s a challenge to find some kind of equilibrium in a world that feels ever more unstable and out of control. Sometimes it feels like we’re living on a razor’s edge. We are, of course, only experiencing the latest in a long line of difficult periods in human history. Yet somehow this feels bigger. Perhaps Continue reading Working in the Midst of All This

7 Ways a Periodic Paradigm Shift Will Make You a Better Leader

Go somewhere. You will be uncomfortable. You will need help. You don’t have a title. And you don’t make the plans. Do something. You’ve never done before. With people that you don’t know. In a place that you’ve never been. For a very different purpose. I returned last Saturday from a week of service in the Dominican Republic. Continue reading 7 Ways a Periodic Paradigm Shift Will Make You a Better Leader

Leadership Rocket Science

“If you’re a leader, your whole reason for living is to help human beings develop—to really develop people and make work a place that’s energetic and exciting and a growth opportunity, whether you’re running a Housekeeping Department or Google. I mean, this is not rocket science. It’s not even a shadow of rocket science. You’re Continue reading Leadership Rocket Science

Why Should I Follow You?

“The led must not be compelled; they must be able to choose their own leader.” – Albert Einstein What if you aren’t really leading anyone? Before you get too defensive, I also asked myself this question. When I did, it occurred to me that I might be a just little bit delusional. I thought of Continue reading Why Should I Follow You?

Three Treasures to Hold and Keep

“I have three treasures which I hold and keep. The first is mercy; the second is economy; the third is daring not to be ahead of others. From mercy comes courage; from economy comes generosity; from humility comes leadership” – Lao Tzu Mercy Leadership demonstrates courage through compassion and forgiveness. By watching some leaders you might Continue reading Three Treasures to Hold and Keep