Thank You

…for everything.

This will be the final post on this blog and website. The site will be taken offline on August 31, 2018.

After much thought, I’ve embarked on a plan to simplify my life in a number of areas and this is one of the steps I am taking.

Because writing is an important creative outlet for me, I will continue to publish on Medium as time permits and you are invited to read or follow my content there. Many posts previously published on this site are also available on Medium.

If I can ever be of assistance, contribute to a project, support an event or help with a challenge, you can reach me at

I am so grateful to all who have shared this blog, read my ramblings, contributed comments, offered feedback, and provided encouragement.

I hope that some of these words have been useful and valuable for your journey.

Be a light.

Scott Mabry



  1. Thanks for the many gifts you have given to all those who have followed your work.


  2. All the Best Scott, as you move on to the next phase of your life. Your beautiful, wise and succinct posts will be missed!


  3. Thank you Scott for all the wise words you have shared. They have truly given me many quiet moments of deeper thinking and reflection. I will be sure to follow you on Medium. All the best and Bravo to you for making a choice that is beneficial for your well-being.


  4. I’ll miss your article. It’s always nice to read an articulate, self-introspective person. Congratulations on your contribution to leadership and all the best in your future endeavours.


  5. Oh no! While I respect your decision, I will so miss your “ramblings”.


  6. Thank YOU for sharing your insights with us, Scott! Best of luck on this next stage in your journey.

    Warm wishes,


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