Praise for the (Extra) Ordinary Leader

Not obsessed with standing out

Or moving up,

Committed to the daily work

And showing up.


Setting the example

In action and words,

He only asks of me

What he expects of himself.


Answering my questions

With a patient smile,

She’s there for me

When I feel uncertain.


Navigating the mysteries

Of corporate mandates,

He takes the time to explain

The why behind the what.


Making no empty promises

And offering no excuses,

She keeps her word

So that I learn to trust.


Wondering how I’m doing

And really wants to know,

He sees there is more to me

Than a job description.


We learn to work for each other

Not just with each other,

She helps us value our differences

And turn them into strengths.


Letting me know when I do well

That my work is appreciated,

He’s there in the midst of things

Not watching from a distance.


Overcoming obstacles

We learn to what’s possible,

She helps us stretch

and brings out our best.


Earning our respect

with confident humility,

He never hinds behind a title

Or demands control.


Investing in the team

To create new leaders,

She reveals our potential

To empower new careers.


No one else may notice

So much behind the scenes,

Its these (extra)ordinary leaders

That build amazing teams.

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