Your Date with Today

You have a date with destiny.

It’s today.

Today is where your leadership happens.

Today is where your life happens.

Today you will start.

You will connect.

You will act.

Or you won’t.

Maybe tomorrow is better.

There is more to learn.

There will always be more to learn.

There are uncertainties.

There will always be uncertainties.

Someone will disapprove.

This is your today, not their today.

Step into the moment.

Your influence matters, today.

Your choices matter, today.

Your words matter, today.

Your story isn’t written in the future.

It’s written today.

In a hundred small acts of courage, kindness, and character.

With every conversation, connection and decision,

you create memories.

Are you ready for today?

I wrote these words while reflecting on the days I let slip away.

Days I went through the motions.

Days I didn’t show up.

Days I just waited.

Days I got stuck.

Days I can’t remember.

Days I’d rather forget.

So, I made a list to help me make today better.

  • Love your today.
    ~ begin your day with gratitude.
  • Inspire your today.
    ~ tune your mind to what matters
  • Energize your today.
    ~ get your body in motion
  • Claim your today.
    ~ set your intention
  • Plan your today.
    ~ focus your attention
  • Imagine your today.
    ~ visualize your desired outcomes
  • Embrace your today.
    ~ open your heart to receive
  • Release your today.
    ~ drop your rigid expectations

You only get one today. Live it well.

“There’s only one day at a time here, then it’s tonight and then tomorrow will be today again.” – Bob Dylan


  1. Scott,
    Thank you so much for this timely post!! I needed to hear this from you TODAY. I felt like my life was on hold for the last few months. I am just wasting my time and not maximizing my potential. I need to get back on the groove and get back to living life—not just existing! Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Please know that your writings make a huge positive impact on the lives of others.


    1. Thank you, Dee. I’m glad this message was helpful to you and I appreciate the kind words.


  2. I am so fortunate to have found Soul To Work in the vast choices available. I have been reading for some time now and this particular post said I had to comment! I am writing here not as a 20 something or even a 40 something. As a 62 year old, I just want all you “youngsters” out there to know that each day can be incredible, fascinating, energizing, and meaningful. To those of you in my age bracket, let’s not forgot what we have learned and what we could share with those on a newer path. Thank you Scott for your words today. They have given me a new spark which I intend to use wisely!


    1. Thank you, Gail for your encouraging and inspirational thoughts.


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