For One of Those Days

Some days leadership is drudgery. Hard, monotonous work.

Some days people bring bundles of problems like gifts, lay them at our feet, and walk away.

Some days the decisions go awry and we are left exposed to criticism.

All while we are stretched to our limit.


On those days we can feel discouraged.

We can lose faith.

We can give in to anger, frustration, self-pity.

On those days we sometimes wonder, whether it’s worth it.


A mutiny begins in our minds.

We are alone with our demons.

We might want to focus on how we are not appreciated or how we are going to set things right.

We might feel sorry for ourselves, become angry or seek someone or something else to blame.


Or we might choose a different path.


We can shift our focus.

Appreciate the possibilities.

We can seek the support of a friend.

Make room for a new perspective.


We can remember who we are.

What we are capable of.

Give a new meaning to the situation.

Decide to be grateful.


When leadership feels like a burden,

Too great to bear.

It is helpful to remember,

This too shall pass.


This is just a page in the story.

A wave in the ocean.

This is your opportunity to grow.

The best time to lead.


We are made in the difficulties.

They shape our character.

Define our leadership.

Let them teach you.


It’s your choice.


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