More Than A Resume

I read 22 resumes this weekend.

22 people trying to out-resume each other.

All amazingly alike.

Full of useful data.

And still I was left wondering,

Who are you?

Forget the job history.

The education.

The accomplishments.

Let’s talk about the rest of you.

The best of you.

Your heart.

Your wisdom.

Your personality.

Your story.

Your priorities.

Your gifts.

Your wounds.

Your imagination.

Your dreams.

No one else brings what you bring.

Sees the world the way you do.

Or holds the same potential.

In a world obsessed with comparisons.

Followers and Likes.

Thought Leaders and Celebrities.

It’s tempting to downplay your value.

To measure your worth based on your résumé.

Collecting impressive stats.

Trying to keep score.

To keep up.

To fit in.

To win approval.

There is more to you than what’s on that piece of paper.

Or a LinkedIn profile.

Not everyone will appreciate you.

Who you are.

What makes you unique.

But someone will.

Keep searching.

Keep stretching.

Don’t give up.

Don’t hide.

Or try to be someone else.

Become the person you were meant to be.

Do the things you were meant to do.

Show us who you are.

Work, lead, learn, grow and keep going.

Because the world doesn’t need leaders with better resumes.

The world needs more leaders who bring their souls to work.

Who express their unique vision, creativity, and passion.

And inspire us all.

To do the same.


  1. These words, as with most of your words, are very inspiring. I’m at point in my career where I want to do just what you described. I want to set myself apart and find the job I’m truly passionate about it. I can’t seem to do that in a resume/CV. Your post leaves me with one important question. Wait for it…how?! But can you answer that for someone else, especially someone you don’t know?


    1. Great question Maria and I don’t have a simple answer. The fact that I don’t know you does limit the level of guidance I can offer. My observation is that you mention finding a job you are truly passionate about. The word job throws me a little because before you find the job you need to know what you are passionate about. What are the common attributes of the activities you love to do and that make you happy. Forget the job itself for now. Do you love being creative? Helping people? Solving problems? When are do you feel you are at your best?

      Once you know what those things are, you can begin exploring the types of careers that offer the best opportunity to apply those attributes. This may be result in any number of options but there are likely a few that show more promise than others.

      What would you need to learn or do or experience to put you in a position to shift to a career that is more aligned with who you are? Is there work in your own organization that might be a better fit? Perhaps you could talk to your manager about other options. Is there a way to bring more of those attributes into your current work? Perhaps you have overlooked possibilities right where you are. Are there volunteer opportunities you could embrace that would give you an opportunity to express your passion outside of your work?

      What I am getting to is that there may be any number of ways you can begin a change of course or a shift in your thinking or approach. A good career coach or life coach may be of help in talking through the next steps. The truth is that only you can make the change happen and it all starts by taking that first small, brave step. It can be hard to let go or change when you are perhaps settled or successful in your career so I know this isn’t easy.

      From what you’ve said here though, it sounds like you may be ready. Work is a big part of this one life we get. If you can integrate your work with what you love. What difference would it make for you?

      Thanks for commenting and I wish you the best. Feel free to email me via the address on the contact page if you want to dig in a little deeper.


      1. What an insightful reply…especially for someone who doesn’t know me! Thanks for your guidance. You offered some suggestions I have not considered.


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