In Love with the Idea


Some people are in love with the idea of being in love.

But they never really love.

Because love is hard work.

Some people are in love with the idea of being a leader.

But they never really lead.

Because leadership is hard work.

Some people are in love with the idea of change.

But they never really change.

Because change is hard work.

We love our ideas.

And neglect to live them.

Ideas are potential energy.

For that energy to be realized,

We must act.

To act, we must move against the current.

The current of complacency, comfort, fear.

Waiting for the perfect time.

The perfect place.

We have to upset our equilibrium.

Take a risk.

Be vulnerable.

Step into the void.

Like the beginning of a race,

Or a mountain climb,

It’s scary,

And exciting.

And then…

It’s pushing through,

The challenges,



Holding on to the idea.

The vision.

Pressing on.

Becoming and becoming.





Step out into love.

Step out into leadership.

Step out into change.

Just begin.

One small act.

And then another.

And don’t stop.


Take an idea from a book you’ve read or a speaker you’ve listened to recently.

Just one idea.

An idea that you loved.

An idea that inspired you.

And just do it today.

Then keep doing it.

See what happens.

You are bringing something new into the world.

Something only you can bring.

An idea shaped by who you are.

Where you are.

The people you contact.

It doesn’t matter if the idea originated with you.

Because you will make it your own.

Stop talking about, dreaming about, and examining your ideas.

Bring them to life.


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