Learning to Wait


A short poem from my journal this morning.

I’ve trained my mind to be anxious

always in need of something

always doing

always planning

never quite ready

as though I can be ready

now I learn to wait

to keep this moment nameless

and watch with simple curiosity

the wildflower emerging

from the untilled soil

It is easy to be perpetually distracted. Caught in the trance of thinking, projecting, chasing and judging. Always in a rush to the next thing.

So much so that we miss opportunities, connections, details and even beautiful moments that are right in front of us.

Our experience of work becomes shaped by the fear that we might miss out on something and so we do, in fact, miss out on something.

A few deep breaths, a quieting of our minds, a pause, can calm the waters so that we once again experience the ocean and not just the waves.

  • We can see the struggle in the other person and respond with empathy
  • We can speak words that encourage, connect and inspire
  • We can ask questions that open our minds to new possibilities
  • We can choose to act from our values and our true intentions
  • We can allow what needs to happen, to happen, or the cycle will continue

Sometimes the best answers come from not knowing.

Sometimes the deepest experiences come from not expecting.

Sometimes the right actions come from not doing.

Learn to wait.




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