Getting to the Point of Leadership – 3 Questions


Pick any definition.

Leadership theory comes in a thousand flavors.

The only definition that matters is the one that matters to you.

So what’s your point?



What is your point?


When you remove all the superficial, external motivations, what remains?

What is the single driving force that moves you to lead?

What keeps you going and inspires you to improve?

Do you know?


Do you want to know?


3 Questions:

How will this experience matter to you at the end of your life?

What else would you rather be doing? 

Are you becoming the person you want to be?


Meditate on those three questions.

See where it takes you.

Is this just a job, a career?

Is this your calling, a mission?

Is this about a title, an accomplishment?


What does it mean to you?


Try to boil your leadership point down to three words.

Mine are…community, service and impact.

When I am running out of energy and ideas, I go back to those three words.

They bring me back to the point.


There is no right answer, but I will say this…

Leadership is a serious responsibility.

You are dealing with a lot more than widgets, code, processes or dollars.

You are impacting lives.


Leadership is at best a difficult journey.

The only lasting reward may be the change it makes in your heart.

From there it will radiate into the lives of others.

Choose your point wisely.


Feel free to share your “point” or your three words so we can all be inspired.

Your comments are welcome and appreciated.


Image credit:  Randen Pederson






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