Leadership Out of Nothing

Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub; It is the center hole that makes it useful. Shape clay into a vessel; It is the space within that makes it useful. Cut doors and windows for a room; It is the holes which make it useful. Therefore profit comes from what is there; Usefulness from what is Continue reading Leadership Out of Nothing

Our Problem with Problems

A problem appears. Feelings rise. Frustration. Self-pity. Anger. Blame. It’s kind of silly don’t you think? The way we always act surprised. Like today was going to be different. You thought problems were not on the agenda. No time in your schedule. They’re funny like that, though. They love to show up at the least Continue reading Our Problem with Problems

Towing a Yacht With a Prius

Energy. Emotional energy. Creative energy. Physical energy. Mental energy.   Every day organizations spend an enormous amount of energy. But on what? We withhold or release our energy. But for what? There’s only so much energy available to each of us. And, of course, that means only so much energy available for our organization. Now Continue reading Towing a Yacht With a Prius

As Long as You Lead, Keep Learning How to Lead

Leadership is the¬†gift you unpack every day. It’s the same but it’s never the same. Always something new to learn. Something new to try. It will surprise you. Frustrate you. Move you. Just when you think you’ve got it sorted out. It suddenly slips through your fingers. The answer you had in mind, Doesn’t work Continue reading As Long as You Lead, Keep Learning How to Lead

No Cure for Curiosity

Leadership isn’t a recipe. Or a formula. Or a series of steps. It’s a mountain to be explored. To be broken and reshaped. But never conquered. The more we think we know. The less we know. No matter how long we lead. How many books we read. There is always more to learn. More to Continue reading No Cure for Curiosity