Breaking the Illusion of Change

We know this isn’t working. The signals are clear. So… We talk about change. Worry about change. Argue about change. Learn about change. Plan to change. Soon. Yet, months, even years pass with no real change. We beat our chests and pound on conference room tables. So much activity and so little progress. “…full of sound Continue reading Breaking the Illusion of Change

The 5-Step Leadership Safety Course

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. Before I purchased my first bike, I participated in a motorcycle safety course. Something I would recommend everyone to do before hitting the streets. During the two-day course, we rode small bikes through various obstacle courses and drills that we were required to pass successfully before progressing. Continue reading The 5-Step Leadership Safety Course

Creatures of a Day

All of us are creatures of a day; the rememberer and the remembered alike. – Marcus Aurelius Work long enough and the moment comes when you must reckon with the reality that all the time and energy you are investing or have invested is for something that will fade away. Everything you’ve created will eventually be destroyed. Continue reading Creatures of a Day

Love the Hand You’re Dealt – 2017

“Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own, for what could be more fitting?” – Marcus Aurelius In the movie, “Bridge of Spies” there is a wonderful exchange that is repeated a few times during the movie, (you can see all of them via the link below). In the final Continue reading Love the Hand You’re Dealt – 2017

A Short Leadership Lesson from Nature

Fall gives way to winter. The trees aren’t upset for having lost their leaves. Sending them off in a blaze of glory. Winter begins a new journey. The birds don’t complain about the trip. Soaring away with a song. Nature has much to teach us about leadership. Good days give way to difficulty. Relationships thrive Continue reading A Short Leadership Lesson from Nature