Scott Mabry

What is Soul to Work?

  • Awareness – Being present and curious.
  • Intention – Aligning values, vision, and action.
  • Connection –  Working together and building community.
  • Contribution – Serving others and achieving results.

Musings on life, leadership, and workplace wisdom infused with a mix of philosophy, spirituality, poetry, and psychology.

Reflecting on the lessons, the learning, and the journey.

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Scott Mabry

When I’m not spending time on this labor-of-love, I’m still learning to walk the talk as an Operations Leader in FinTech.

To learn more about bringing the principles of Soul to Work to your organization or incorporating them into your personal journey, please check out Beyond the Blog.

You can reach me at scottmabry@mail.com or look me up on Carrot.

Important note: All the content here was my idea. This site is not endorsed by anyone with whom I might be working or by whom I might be employed.


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  1. Well done. As a life coach and former corporate leader, this is all relate-able. Everyone leads. The question is ‘where are we leading others to?’. What place? Thought? State of being? Where?


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