A Bridge to Better Choices

We want to make better choices, Choices we don’t regret, Choices that serve our goals, Choices that earn our self-respect.   Choices don’t wait ‘til we’re ready, They arrive just in time, Doors that open from the inside, Revealing our thoughts and intentions.   Every choice will bend us, Like wind upon the trees, Shaping Continue reading A Bridge to Better Choices

Leading with Soul

“Their passions come only with their souls. Their souls love the hidden springs boiling and welling at the center of existence more than they love the company”.  David Whyte – from The Heart Aroused, Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America I have a longstanding and some would say naïve notion that we should Continue reading Leading with Soul

Recovering Your Leadership Joy

What was it like for you? That first official leadership role. The excitement. The uncertainty. When you first met your team. The anticipation. The anxiety. I remember. Just a year or so before I was working as a middle school science teacher trying to navigate earthworm dissections with a group of 12-year-olds. If no one Continue reading Recovering Your Leadership Joy

The Leader’s Imprint

Every interaction with a leader leaves an imprint. Think about how we respond to a leader who is calm and confident in the midst of a crisis. Even when the situation calls for panic or fills us with uncertainty, a calm, confident and caring presence can bring the situation back into focus. We’re able to Continue reading The Leader’s Imprint

Leadership is a State of Mind

Your state informs your leadership. If you are in a negative state, you will be oriented toward negative forms of leadership behavior and negative outcomes. If you are in a positive state, you will be oriented toward positive forms of leadership behavior and positive outcomes. Simple, right? Yet, how often do you really pay attention Continue reading Leadership is a State of Mind