The Inside Story

With leadership comes expectations. They surround us. Demanding that we perform. That we are responsible. Accountable. Practical. Precise. But never messy. Somehow we must reconcile this with an inner life that isn’t so tidy. Fears. Hurts. Uncertainty. Frustration. We struggle to maintain an uncomfortable equilibrium. We put on a mask. But this comes with a Continue reading The Inside Story

Hide and Seek

“Being solid and predictable makes it safe for people to work together, to take risks, and to expose themselves even when the rest of their lives are filled with complexity and chaos”.  ~ Robert Rosen Like most kids, I learned to play Hide & Seek. It was always less stressful to be the person hiding than Continue reading Hide and Seek

Our Problem with Problems

A problem appears. Feelings rise. Frustration. Self-pity. Anger. Blame. It’s kind of silly don’t you think? The way we always act surprised. Like today was going to be different. You thought problems were not on the agenda. No time in your schedule. They’re funny like that, though. They love to show up at the least Continue reading Our Problem with Problems