A Moving Story

No, not a story that moves you. I mean literally, moving. Like packing all your stuff and moving to a new house. Then unpacking all your stuff. And wondering why you have so much stuff. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last week and why I didn’t get anything written lately. When I told Continue reading A Moving Story

A Short Leadership Lesson from Nature

Fall gives way to winter. The trees aren’t upset for having lost their leaves. Sending them off in a blaze of glory. Winter begins a new journey. The birds don’t complain about the trip. Soaring away with a song. Nature has much to teach us about leadership. Good days give way to difficulty. Relationships thrive Continue reading A Short Leadership Lesson from Nature

A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

Ever notice the word truth is often introduced by a negative versus positive modifier? The inconvenient truth. The shocking truth. The ugly truth. Why is it that so often the truth surprises us? And not in a good way. Truth is an elusive journey and an unavoidable destination. Eventually, we all arrive at the same place. Continue reading A Leader’s Relationship to Truth

8 Temptations of Leadership

The temptation to fix. It’s hard to resist the urge to intervene. Even when we know the team needs to figure it out, there’s a part of us that wants to ride in on the white horse. Especially when we think we know what’s needed. Choose to let them grow. The temptation to mislead. Just Continue reading 8 Temptations of Leadership

Management Malpractice

Let’s imagine the following scene… You are sitting in the exam room with your feet dangling off the end of the sanitary-paper-covered couch admiring the jar of tongue depressors when in walks the doctor… “How are you today Scott?” “Doing well Doc, just a little pain in my stomach, I’m thinking it might be indigestion Continue reading Management Malpractice